We are Loof! We enthusiastically create delicious corporate lunches daily from our own production kitchen in Amsterdam. We make this happen with a close-knit team of people who are passionate about good food.

Our team



LOOF was founded by Bruck and Steven, two professional chefs.Their passion for cooking developed from working with top chef Jamie Oliver, who enthused them with his view on food based on organic ingredients.

Our team comprises dedicated chefs, experienced catering staff and passionate suppliers with uniquely delicious products. We believe everyone deserves a fair chance, which is why we are also an apprenticeship company registered with the Cordaan Foundation.

Suppliers with a shared vision


Good partnerships are very important to us. The partners we work with are passionate, food-loving and committed to a long-term relationship.


Introducing a new cheese range in partnership with Lindenhoff. Farmhouse cheeses from the best and mainly small-scale cheesemakers in the Netherlands who care about animals, flora and fauna. This way, we ensure a sustainable environment together and make our lunches even tastier.


Smart packaging means less waste.We fight against waste by using reusable packaging. Ozarka is a total solution that replaces disposable packaging with high-quality reusable meal packaging.


Vlaams broodhuys

Each lunch includes a variety of tasty and nutritious sourdough bread made by Vlaamsch Broodhuys.The unique ‘campremy’ grain ensures a high protein content and a distinctive taste and texture. Enjoy!

Grandma-style soup

A delicious soup that tells a tale. These soups are freshly made using leftover vegetables. Grandma-style soup aims to connect the young and old across the Netherlands to help combat loneliness.


The down-to-earth power of vegetables and the scintillating taste of fruit are combined in these mouth-watering colourful juices. Pure and natural cloudy juice made by Schulp.


This company supplies sustainable fresh fruit and vegetables. We receive the finest Dutch fruit and vegetables plastic-free

De Kweker

From the very beginning, we have been buying some of our produce from De Kweker. Like us, this company is socially engaged and shares a passion for good food.