Our salad bar is very popular as a corporate catering concept. LOOF catering believes that employees deserve to be presented with healthy and varied lunch options during the workday. With our salad bar concept, we offer a range of delicious and nutritious composed salads carefully crafted with fresh high-quality seasonal ingredients. Prepared fresh in our production kitchen and presented in the company cafeteria the same afternoon. The salad bar is easily expandable with sandwiches, soups, or other hot dishes through our customer portal. We would love to connect with you to discuss the possibilities of a salad bar within your company.

The Benefits
of a Salad Bar

Our salad bar offers numerous benefits, including an abundance of vitamins, minerals, and fibers that contribute to a healthy lifestyle. Additionally, they are easily digestible, providing a feeling of satiety without feeling heavy afterward. By opting for our salad bar, you’re investing in the well-being and productivity of your staff while also promoting a healthy company culture.

And that’s not all – through our convenient online portal, you can further enhance the team’s lunch experience with a variety of other (warm) meal options. Add to that the fact that we freshly prepare and sustainably deliver the salads, and the choice for a salad bar from LOOF catering within your company is an easy one.

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LOOF catering

Salad Bar:

Straight from the Farm!

Our composed salad bar is daily assembled with the freshest and seasonal ingredients, sourced directly from local partners and growers. In our salad bar, everything revolves around the purity, freshness, and crispness of the ingredients. We aim to preserve the authentic flavors of nature, so that every bite from the salad bar becomes a refreshing and nutritious experience.

More than just a
Salad Bar

At LOOF catering, we understand that every company is unique and has different needs when it comes to corporate catering. That’s why we offer a wide range of catering concepts specifically designed to meet the requirements of a business, regardless of size, industry, or the presence of a company cafeteria. In addition to a salad bar, we also offer banqueting, lunch buffets, and catering for corporate events. Interested in a salad bar from LOOF catering? We’d love to hear from you.

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