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The company canteen is the place within a company where staff gather, not only to have lunch but also to discuss the workday or simply to socialize with each other. LOOF catering offers various customized catering concepts for office restaurants. A nutritious lunch in the company cafeteria not only promotes the health and productivity of the team but also provides an opportunity to explore different flavors and share culinary discoveries.

A lunch packed with Loof goodness for

The experienced chefs at LOOF catering create a surprisingly flavorful, freshly made, and varied menu every day. Through our customer portal, you can easily view the menu and specify the number of people per day. Curious about which catering concept from LOOF catering best suits your company cafeteria? We would love to get in touch with you.

Company canteen
brimming with

When assembling our healthy company cafeteria, healthy eating is central. For our all-in lunch buffet, our chefs prepare various dishes daily, supplemented with products from our partners, to offer a perfect lunch. Our artisan baker bakes artisan bread early in the morning, which is freshly available at the buffet in the afternoon, and our butcher provides freshly sliced meats prepared with passion.

Concepts for Office Restaurants

LOOF Catering offers two different catering concepts for a company cafeteria: one with staff and one without staff. It’s good to know that LOOF Catering’s focus is on fresh and seasonal products (prepared in our own production kitchen). Through the aforementioned user-friendly portal, providing a healthy lunch in the company cafeteria has never been easier.

bedrijfskantine met personeel

Company Canteen
with Staff
(All-in concept)

The first concept offers comprehensive service where experienced and professional catering staff are present on-site in the company restaurant to take care of all aspects of lunch in the company cafeteria. From setting up the lunch to serving dishes and cleaning up afterwards, the staff of LOOF Catering ensures a worry-free experience in the company cafeteria.

Company canteen with staff
bedrijfskantine zonder personeel

Company Canteen
without Staff
(All-in concept)

Our second company canteen concept offers a company the opportunity to enjoy high-quality dishes, fresh sandwiches, a salad bar, and hot meals without the presence of catering staff. Instead, LOOF catering provides delicious dishes (freshly prepared in our production kitchen), ready to be served directly in the company restaurant.

Company canteen without staff

Create Your Assortment

Customized Company Restaurant

At LOOF Catering, we aim for a transparent partnership when providing catering for company cafeterias. We collaboratively determine the assortment of lunch dishes, while you set the selling prices to the employees. This provides flexibility and transparency, essential for successful and sustainable corporate catering.

Responsible entrepreneurship 
Tailor-made solutions 
Healthy employees 
Engaged staff 

Only the best for the company restaurant

LOOF Catering nurtures close partnerships with the finest suppliers and collaborators who share our vision for a healthy lunch. We are excited about our sustainable partnerships, where we collectively strive for environmentally friendly choices for company cafeterias and the use of local, organic seasonal ingredients to provide a delicious and responsible lunch in the company restaurant, day in, day out! Curious about our partners?

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How it Works

Easily customise your order
  • Every week, you will find a delightful new menu in your personal client portal, and all you have to do is enter the number of lunch guests.You can also use this portal to communicate any specific wishes.
Straight from the farm to your lunch buffet
  • In our own production kitchen from LOOF werken onze chefs met verse, seizoensgebonden producten. Ze werken met mooie producten en ingrediënten, waarmee ze elke dag weer, een gevarieerd en gezond all-in lunchbuffet creëren.
Serving staff
  • A friendly employee with personal attention to the guest and extensive knowledge of the product provides an unforgettable on-site lunch. A space is created where everyone feels at home, and where the lunch guest%is 20completely taken care of. From the reception, keeping track of the invetory to cleaning and tidying up; everything is taken care of to perfectio. This provides a lunch of% 20PRAISE!
Enjoyable sustainability
  • Your employees enjoy unlimited, delicious, healthy, yet sustainable lunches at a set price.We use local seasonal products, ensure minimal food waste and monitor our customers' CO2 impact using GiantLeaps. A wonderful balance between enjoyment and sustainability.

The benefits of a company canteen

Flexible company cafeteria

With us, you are not tied to a multi-year contract.

No on-site kitchen required

We don't require an on-site kitchen; we prepare everything in our own production kitchen.

A different menu every week

Your employees enjoy a different, varied and healthy all-in buffet every week that includes: various types of meat, fish, uniquely prepared seasonal vegetables, traditional bread, homemade soup and generously filled salads.

A fully catered lunch

Employees can indulge at a set price and don't have to worry about settling the bill.

Total concept 
Responsible entrepreneurship 
Vital employees 

A Company Restaurant Full of Loofs!

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During this meeting, we’ll explain what our service entails and walk you through our lunch assortment with one of our chefs.

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