Our delicious farm-fresh catering is freshly prepared every day. We deliver the best seasonal foods straight from our own production kitchen to companies who care.



We use vegetables as the basis for putting together our healthy lunch buffet. Every day, our chefs prepare 14 different vegetable items with delicious dressings and toppings for our all-in lunch buffet. We also offer a selection of traditional bread and tasty toppings such as cheese and cold cuts. A corporate lunch by Loof is a surprising and different culinary experience each workday.

Total concept

Let all your employees enjoy an all-in lunch buffet provided by Loof! Our standard and varied all-in lunch can be combined with delicious homemade hot dishes, and you can choose whether or not to have serving staff. That way, you set the lunch cost per person.

Cancellable monthly 
A well-filled all-in lunch buffet 

All-in concept

with serving staff

A friendly staff member with in-depth product knowledge and personal attention for your guests is on site for four hours, catering an unforgettable lunch. A place is created where everyone feels at home and where lunch guests can enjoy peace of mind. From welcoming the guests to stocking the buffet and clearing and cleaning up. So you can enjoy a lunch packed with Loof goodness.

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All-in concept

without serving staff

Each workday, Loof will cater an equally healthy and varied lunch on-site in beautiful reusable containers. So there is no plastic waste. And since one of your office employees communicates the number of lunch guests to Loof, we keep our stock to a minimum and minimise food waste.

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We work with great suppliers and partners who share our ambitions.

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Catering With impact.

Each and every day, we are committed and enthusiastic in our ambition to introduce people to healthy and sustainable food. Through our Farm-fresh Catering, we want to inspire people to eat less meat. We are convinced that food connects people. We turn a workplace canteen into an inviting space where everyone feels welcome and relaxed, and that makes all the difference. Also, we use GiantLeaps to monitor our Co2 emissions and work with the Cordaan Foundation to ensure that everyone is given a fair chance in the labour market.

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