LOOF catering is prepared with care using fresh, locally sourced ingredients. We deliver the best of the season from our own production kitchen to conscious businesses who want to treat their employees to delicious dishes.

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When putting together our healthy lunch buffet, healthy eating is at the core. For our all-inclusive lunch buffet, our chefs prepare a variety of dishes daily, complemented with products from our partners to offer a perfect lunch. Our artisanal baker bakes artisanal bread early in the morning that is fresh at the buffet in the afternoon, and our butcher supplies freshly sliced meats prepared with passion.

Total concept

Let your colleagues enjoy an all-in lunch buffet from LOOF!
Our basic lunch can be customized and expanded with hot dishes, fresh soups, and much more according to your preferences.
This way, you determine the amount per person for lunch.

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A friendly team member with personal attention to the guests and extensive product knowledge provides an unforgettable lunch experience on-site. A welcoming atmosphere is created where everyone feels at home, and the lunch guests are fully taken care of. From the welcoming and replenishing of supplies to cleaning up, you can enjoy a LOOF-filled lunch!

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LOOF catering
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A personalized solution for your company, without staff. Creativity and convenience, delivered to you by LOOF catering every workday. Our innovative concept is easy to implement on-site. By providing LOOF catering with the number of lunch guests in advance, we keep our inventory small and minimize food waste.

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LOOF catering collaborates with exceptional suppliers and partners who align with our aspirations.

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One of our missions is to provide high-quality catering services that meet the expectations and culinary needs of our customers. In addition, LOOF catering offers clear communication. You communicate directly with us, without intermediaries. This allows for quick and flexible decision-making and adjustments.

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