Our tailored open book concept allows for a transparent multi-year partnership in which we work closely together.Together, we determine the selection of lunch dishes, and you decide what to charge your employees.

How it works


Under this concept, we work with an open book contract and two monthly invoices: an A-invoice and a B-invoice

The A-invoice has a fixed amount per month

This invoice includes staff costs and the management fee.This is calculated based on the average number of lunch guests, services provided at the venue and other operating costs, such as insurance, administration costs, transport and overheads.

The B-invoice involves variable amounts.

This amount is based on the month's purchases and sales. We arrange the purchases and sales. Each month, we offset these costs against each other. The profit goes to you.

The benefits

A tailored selection

Together we determine the selection of healthy and socially responsible lunch dishes

A transparent partnership

Insight into the purchasing and sales of products every month.

You have control

You decide, and we execute.This way you control the prices and your selection choices.

open book concept 
open book concept 

What can you expect from us?



Monthly and quarterly reports on turnover and the number of guests.A footprint report is also possible.

Monthly Consultations

Monthly operational consultations with your location contact person and quarterly management consultations.We set KPIs by mutual agreement to guarantee and actively monitor them.

Food safety system

You are given access to a digital HACCP system. It shows you the risk inventory of food products.

Customer satisfaction survey

We conduct a customer satisfaction survey among the guests three times a year.We present the results in a report, including suggested actions based on the feedback.

Reviews from our clients

Catering of the Land is a young, creative and driven organisation that always recognises opportunities and enjoys turning lunch into a beautiful moment.
René Limmen, Teamleider Facility Services Ymere

Going the extra mile



Sustainable partners

We only work with suppliers who, just like Loof, take sustainability and social conditions within their company into account. Read about our partners here.

Social return

20% of our team consists of people with limited job market access.In doing so, we fulfil one of our company’s main social objectives: giving people with a disability the opportunity to participate in society. These employees complement our catering team in a fantastic way. They set the mood and generate enthusiasm in the workplace, and because their colleagues show involvement and attentiveness, they feel very appreciated for their professional efforts. This genuine appreciation makes them enjoy their work even more!

Theme Weeks & Live Cooking

We offer themed weeks and on-site Live Cooking options.This way, we challenge our guests to venture out of their comfort zone and broaden their culinary horizons. By introducing and trying new products, we help build a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle for all employees step by step.

Friday afternoon leftovers

Lunch guests can take home the Friday afternoon leftovers in their own containers free of charge.That means no wastage. Friday afternoon leftovers; an appreciated and sustainable end to the week!


We monitoren we de CO2-impact van onze klanten en dankzij data en analytics over het verbruik per locatie kunnen we monitoren we de CO2-impact van onze klanten.