Would you like to provide your employees with a healthy and varied lunch every workday, but your company doesn’t have its own canteen? Then our all-in lunch buffet with serving staff is the perfect choice. We ensure that a healthy and comprehensive lunch buffet is delivered every workday.

How we work

Our partnership already starts when we review the options together during a comprehensive introductory meeting. You get to compose a lovely lunch for your employees based on a basic all-in lunch buffet that you can supplement with all kinds of delicious choices. That way, you set the lunch cost per person.

Easily customise your order
  • Every week, you will find a delightful new menu in your personal client portal, and all you have to do is enter the number of lunch guests.You can also use this portal to communicate any specific wishes.
Straight from the farm to your lunch buffet
  • Our chefs work with high-quality seasonal products and ingredients inour own production kitchen, creating a varied and healthy all-in lunch buffet each day.
Zero plastic waste
  • We care about the environment: in other words, zero waste.The lunch is served on-site in beautiful reusable containers, and because it is served immediately, there is no plastic waste, and we are able to minimise food waste.

The benefits

Cancellable on a monthly basis

We do not chain you to a multi-year contract; subscriptions can be cancelled monthly.

A well-filled all-in lunch buffet

Employees enjoy a different, varied and healthy weekly all-in buffet that includes: various types of meat, fish, uniquely prepared seasonal vegetables, traditional bread, homemade soup and generously filled salads.

Sustainable & engaged

We use local seasonal produce and ensure minimal food waste and zero plastic waste, and 20% of our colleagues are mentally challenged. We also monitor our clients’ CO2 impact with GiantLeaps.

Loof total concept 
Loof total concept 

Choose your selection

Standard all-in

Lunch Buffet.

At a set price per employee, we will provide a varying salad buffet each day with 14 types of vegetables, dressings and toppings. Additionally, we offer a varied range of traditional bread and spreads. And our favourite items are the vegetable toppings that we created ourselves! And if you would like to have a complete selection, you can add tasty hot dishes and Grandma-style soup from the add-ons. We cater to everyone’s taste.

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Oma’s Soep

Grandma-style soup that is prepared by elderly persons needing company and young volunteers.

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Schulp vruchtensap

A choice of different fruit juices by Schulp made from farm-fresh Dutch ingredients.

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Warme maaltijden

Surprise your employees with a selection of hot dishes or snacks prepared by our chefs.

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Fruit tuintje

A variety of fresh fruit each day, straight from the farm.

Reviews from our clients

Offering our employees a healthy, nutritious and socially responsible lunch is one of BESTSELLER's USPs. LOOF always manages to surprise us with a fantastic and varied selection.
Maya Starchild, Facilities Manager Rainforest Alliance
LOOF amazes, cares and provides peace of mind in one go. As an employer, we don't have to worry about our employment conditions highly valued by our employees. LOOF always delivers a healthy, responsible, tasty and well-catered lunch.
Esther Flierman, HR Business Partner Discovery Networks

Going the extra mile


Sustainable partners

We only work with suppliers who, just like Loof, take sustainability and social conditions within their company into account. Read about our partners here.

Social return

20% of our team consists of people with limited job market access.In doing so, we fulfil one of our company’s main social objectives: giving people with a disability the opportunity to participate in society. These employees complement our catering team in a fantastic way. They set the mood and generate enthusiasm in the workplace, and because their colleagues show involvement and attentiveness, they feel very appreciated for their professional efforts. This genuine appreciation makes them enjoy their work even more!

Theme Weeks & Live Cooking

We offer themed weeks and on-site Live Cooking options.This way, we challenge our guests to venture out of their comfort zone and broaden their culinary horizons. By introducing and trying new products, we help build a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle for all employees step by step.

Friday afternoon leftovers

Lunch guests can take home the Friday afternoon leftovers in their own containers free of charge.That means no wastage. Friday afternoon leftovers; an appreciated and sustainable end to the week!