Catering with an impact

We are aware of our social responsibility and look beyond just being a link in the food chain. Because we can only make a positive impact together!

Positive impact 
Positive impact 

Awareness =

More vegetables, less meatLess CO2 emissionsMore employment opportunities for people with disabilitiesHealthy seasonal products straight from the farmLocal productsSustainable suppliers

Socially engaged

Less CO2

GiantLeaps helps us gain insight into our carbon footprint.Through an online tool, we qualify the impact of our food and can see which products to use to make our menu as sustainable as possible.

Social return

We believe that everyone is entitled to a suitable workplace.That is why we are an apprenticeship company registered with the Cordaan Foundation and greatly enjoy working with people with disabilities.

Sustainable and fair

We aim to provide organic and sustainably responsible food.Therefore, we only work with suppliers who respect the environment, just like we do.

Zero waste

We think it is important to produce as little waste as possible,which is why we donate our cutting waste to local farmers. And we collaborate with Ozarka. Ozarka is a total solution that replaces disposable packaging with high-quality reusable meal packaging.