Posted: 17 October 2022 By: miwebb

Hi Bruck and Steven

Meet Bruck and Steven, two professional chefs who have spent years working as professional cooks.Their passion for cooking started when they worked with chef Jamie Oliver for two years, who got them excited about food inspired by organic produce and fair practices.

During this time, they developed their own style and vision on food, resulting in the founding of Loof Catering van het Land in 2009.

Bruck and Steven are approachable and contemporary. They have a keen sense of what is happening in the culinary world and what the market demands of them. They follow trends but also set them because they are innovative and always on the move. There is always a new recipe, a great workshop or organising a fantastic event. Customer focus is their top priority. They do not unnecessarily cling to old-fashion working methods but happily accommodate their clients. By listening carefully to the client and empathising with the client’s situation, they always know how to translate the client’s wishes into a tailored, high-quality catering service.